Collection: Dried flower bouquet

Resell Flowrette's bouquets of dried flowers, made with love in our Parisian workshop. Your customers will be delighted by these poetic, elegant and durable creations, which never fade.

The answers to your questions

What are your quantity minimums?

The minimum order on our reseller site is 5 copies per product.

Who can buy from the Flowrette reseller website?

The Flowrette reseller site is intended only for companies wishing to resell our products.

It is necessary to have an account to order. We require a valid VAT number when creating the account. The account must be validated by the Flowrette teams.

We reserve the right to accept or not the creation of accounts.

For B2B requests that are not related to resale, consult our site or write to us at:

For individuals or companies not specialized in resale, you can order on our merchant site: Flowrette

What is the price of delivery? Do you have any French?

Yes, we have free delivery depending on the amount of the order and the country of destination.

For France the francophone is 400€ excluding VAT
Below this order amount, delivery is €30 excluding VAT

For Europe the francophone is 500€ excluding VAT
Below this order amount, delivery is €50 excluding tax.

For other countries the franc is 1000€ excluding tax
Below this order amount, delivery is €300 excluding VAT

Do you make discounts based on volumes?

Yes we make discounts based on volume.

-3% from 2000€ excluding tax
-5% from 3000€ excluding tax
-7% from 4000€ excluding tax

Where do your products come from?

Our products come from different places. We give the provenance on each product sheet.